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Marygrove Children’s Home

Marygrove Children's Home has a 165-year history of supporting children in need of shelter, nurturing, and support.  Their 200 daily residents range from infancy to 20.  Marygrove offers an astounding array of counseling, crisis care, independent living and life skills training, as well as mentorship in a home-setting.

YourWords STL had the honor of starting some of our original pilot programming in the summer of 2015 with the young men of Drury House.  These students attend school throughout St. Louis, and after bussing back to Marygrove, but before being able to eat their dinners, they attended our weekly workshops.

Since the fall of 2015, we have had weekly programming each semester.  We run weekly homework tutoring sessions.  Each semester, we also have dedicated weekly creative writing workshops.  In the fall of 2017, we were delighted to add full programming to the Sequoia House, and it's female residents aged 16-20.  From the beginning, YourWords STL has been welcomed by the staff and residents of Marygrove Children's Home.  A more immersive glimpse of those lessons can be found in our blog posts.  We are honored by their trust, support, enthusiasm, and talent!


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