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Collaborative Projects 2018

This past school year’s collaborative project, “Crossing Delmar” between New City School and Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls joined the students from schools that are 1.8 miles apart but divided by Delmar Avenue, and thus have entirely different student populations. The schools participated in 3 workshops each, during which they wrote poetry, using their surroundings as well as the poetry and music of local artists as inspiration. The students shared their work on a single Google drive, read and discussed each other’s work aloud, then met for two more workshops. They met for the first time at Hawthorn’s library and were assigned to small groups named after streets that crossed Delmar. They shared likes and dislikes, listened to music, ate food together, and wrote group poems in small groups. At their second meeting, they played games that allowed them to express their cultural differences, then met a local poet, David Alexander, whose poetry they studied in a previous workshop. He performed for them and provided tips and critique for performing poetry. The students then performed their group poems for each other. When asked to describe their feelings about the experience in one word, students from both schools replied, “Grateful, Amazing, Thankful, Proud, Happy, Joyful.”


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